Greenery Decor – The Top Home Design Trend of 2017

Greenery Decor – The Top Home Design Trend of 2017

Did you know that the color green represents hope, youth, life and safety? It sounds like a vibrant way to decorate your home, right? Well, you’re in luck! 2017 is the year of the greenery trend, and it’s not going away anytime soon!
Home decorators have been coming up with elegant design ideas using beautiful nature décor, from tropical-style furniture to greenery wallpaper, in all rooms of the house. Take our short tour of the trend below to see if you can gather some ideas on how to add mother nature’s finest to your home.

Inspiring Plant Decoration

Bring life to any room of the house with the calming presence of gorgeous plants. Aside from being a brilliant design element, indoor plants also come with handy health benefits, such as decreasing stress and improving the quality of the air you breathe.
Hanging plants are a unique way to accent the kitchen and make it stand out. What better way could there be to decorate the freshest room of the house? Tall plants fit in very naturally around furniture, and you can tie the whole room together using colored pots with unique-facing designs.Large attention-grabbing plants shine in the sunlight, instantly enhancing your mood as you walk closer. Bedroom décor wouldn’t be complete without a calming plant next to your nightstand. It will induce relaxation, allowing you to gently sink your head into the pillow and get rejuvenating sleep.


Greenery Home Décor Elements

Using greenery decor elements, you can easily add a sense of liveliness to your home. From green light fixtures to paintings and furniture, 2017 is showing us new ways to freshen up the ambience.

Green hanging light fixtures add a nature element to a rustic kitchen, combining with wood to give a backyard wilderness atmosphere where a hearty breakfast is sure to be served. Greenery-style paintings are the perfect pairing for showcasing your live plants, alluring guests to the comfiest spot in the home. It’s hard not to feel refreshed and beach-like when you sit on beautiful green-inspired chairs with the sunlight shining through a wide, open window. Is there any better way to show your kitchen is where health and vibrancy meet homey comfort than with fresh green-vegetable painted chairs?

Greenery Removable Wallpaper

Greenery wallpaper is one of the most dramatic ways to turn your home into a flourishing oasis. How can you not feel fresh and rejuvenated walking into a room bursting with the color of life?

Your guests walk through the door of your beautiful home, and when they enter the next room, they’re greeted by the lively surrounding of green leaf magic.

Transform your child’s room with a summer’s touch of vividly green tropical leaves, painting a scene of your child rocking in a cradle on a breezy day at the beach. 

What ties this room together so well is the sandy brown pillows that match the stems of the blossoming plants of this inland Hawaiian greenery wallpaper.  

Really looking for that tropical “flamingo” vibe? The one that fills you with energy right out of bed? Consider choosing a pink accented removable wallpaper for a punchier, mysterious tropical island vibe. 

The greenery trend is here, bringing inspiration and life to rooms that make walking through your home a beautiful stroll in nature. Try these ideas for yourself today and discover the mood-boosting effects of greenery decor that will leave you primed to start a fresh, bountiful day!

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