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Wallpaper murals

Wallpaper murals provide a splash of personality to any room, whether it be a living room or waiting area. Customers can customize their murals wallpapers for walls as well. Select colors to match your current decorating scheme, decide on the appropriate scale for your design, and customize the size to guarantee that everything looks perfect.

Wallpaper murals


How do I clean a wallpaper mural?

To clean a peel and stick wallpaper mural, simply wipe it with a rag that is damp with warm water. If additional cleaning is necessary, use a mild cleaner or detergent to remove stains. Never use harsh cleaning agents on peel and stick wallpaper.

How do I remove the wallpaper mural?

To properly remove a removable mural, slowly peel off the top right or left corner. Then, gently peel the rest of the mural off at approximately a forty-five-degree angle. Work slowly and carefully to ensure that it comes off in one smooth motion.

Should I seal a removable wallpaper mural?

No, you should not. This is common in murals that are painted on exterior buildings to protect them from the weather. Doing this will guarantee that you cannot remove your mural. This is also unnecessary. Interior murals do not need the same level of protection that those painted on exterior buildings do.

How do I maintain a removable wallpaper mural?

Provide the same maintenance as you would for peel and stick wallpaper. Simply wipe the panels with warm water to remove dirt. Do not expose the mural to excessive moisture or humidity, and stick with gentle products. Avoid scratches as well.

Can my mural be customized?

Yes! Every wallpaper order, including murals, can be customized. Contact us using the contact us form to inquire regarding customizations. We can customize pattern scale, pattern color and panel size.

What if I want a refund?

We do allow all of our customers to cancel their order any time they would like provided that it is within the first 24 hours after the order is placed. These customers will receive a refund. After this grace period, we do not allow cancellations or provide refunds to our customers. We also do not accept exchanges.

How long will it take for my order to be delivered to my house?

One of our primary focuses is providing you with fast delivery! Our wallpaper murals are ready to ship in 3-5 business days via FedEx delivery. FedEx delivery takes 2-4 business days. You will be able to enjoy your new mural in 5-9 business days! Customers that place orders over $100 will enjoy FREE shipping.

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Benefits of Using Murals

Murals are commonly used to enhance an area in a home or business. Wallpaper murals in soft colors are known to provide a therapeutic effect. Bold colors also provide additional benefits to a room. These murals increase positive energy instantly, making them essential for homeowners that frequently have parties. Murals have a place in every home and business. 

Hide Imperfections In Walls

Murals cover up dings and dents that other patterns won’t. This is because of the wide array of colors and the large picture does not leave room for the eye to notice a small dent. Home and business owners will help offset the cost of their mural as they simultaneously save money on repairing the wall underneath. While the imperfections will remain, they will no longer be noticeable.

Murals Are Eye Catching

If there is one way to draw attention to a wall or place, it’s with an impressive mural. When placed near windows in businesses, they will instantly increase foot traffic. Homeowners that place these in key locations in their homes will create positive energy that will be felt every time guests are in the house. Attention will instantly be drawn to the beautiful picture on the wall, making it a great conversation starter.

Save Money

When home and business owners consider the expenses that they will save money on when purchasing the mural, it’s easy to see how they will save money in the immediate and far future. No one will spend money fixing dents in the wall from children roughhousing. Business owners will not have to spend additional money on paintings, either. Instead, these wall coverings provide the benefits of wallpaper and a mural at the same time. Hiring a company to create a mural on wallpaper panels is also more cost-effective than hiring a painter to paint the mural on the wall.

Simple Application

Applying these murals is as easy as applying peel and stick wallpaper. Begin with proper preparation by wiping the wall clean to ensure that there is no dirt on the wall. Then, remove the backing from the back of the panels. Next, simply stick the wallpaper in place. Enjoying a breathtaking mural does not get easier than that!

Popular Wallpaper Mural Designs

We offer a wide selection of wallpaper mural designs to ensure that you can find something to fit your current decorating scheme. 

Floral Murals

Floral murals add a touch of feminine beauty to any room. Decorate your nursery with our popular Eve mural for a soothing effect. Minimalistic floral mural patterns are also available to coordinate perfectly with modern decorating schemes. Our Pink Peonies mural is another wonderful option for homeowners that would like to enjoy a soft touch to their home. 

Scene Wallpaper Murals

Scene wallpaper murals are used to transform a space into a luxurious retreat. They create a vacation space in your very own home or business. Enjoy relaxing long after the sun has gone done with a Midnight Serene mural. Create a  beach haven with our tropical palm mural. You can live where you vacation when you opt for a beautiful large mural. 

Other Large Murals

We offer several other patterns. Pre-designed mural patterns include: 

  • Scandanavian murals
  • Geometric murals
  • Botanical murals
  • Boho murals
  • Colorsplash mural

You can also customize your own mural. Contact us to discuss how to create your own wallpaper mural!