Wallpaper types

We have more than 200 wallpaper and wall mural designs available in two options: peel and stick wallpaper and traditional wallpaper. Please go through this page to understand the wallpaper differences and choose the best fit for your DIY project.

Premium peel and stick wallpaper

Our customer's favorite choice - is the peel and stick wallpaper! Mess-free installation as no paste is required. Premium quality wallpaper that looks great and lasts long! Wallpaper has a light woven texture and a matt finish. It's PVC-free, water-resistant, washable, recyclable, and fire-resistant - all the good stuff!

It is recommended for accent walls, kitchen walls, bathroom walls, closet doors, mirrors, glass, stair raises, drawer liners, bookcases, or any other DIY home decor project.

Our peel and stick wallpaper must be installed on a smooth wall surface.

Traditional wallpaper

Durable wallpaper that has smooth nonwoven texture and matt finish.
Wallpaper paste is required for application. Removable without damaging the wall if a strippable wallpaper adhesive is used for installation.

Wallpaper is PVC-free, FSC certified, water-resistant, wipeable, and recyclable! Recommended for any indoor area and busy areas.

Recommended for nursery walls, bedroom walls, and any busy indoor areas.

Our traditional wallpaper will work great on smooth walls and walls with light texture.