Greenhouse Apartment + Bedroom Makeover with Tropical Wallpaper

Greenhouse Apartment + Bedroom Makeover with Tropical Wallpaper

Step into Jane’s light, airy apartment bedroom in San Francisco and you’ll feel anything but sleepy. Her self-described style is a “Happy Californian Greenhouse” that feels both comfy and energizing. This simple bedroom is beautifully transformed by the full wall of wallpaper behind the bed. The wall behind the headboard serves as a focal point, and this wallpaper greenery is the perfect mix of fun and sophistication. The greenery of the wallpaper contrasts nicely with the rectangular, tufted headboard as well as the simple nightstands on either side of the bed. 

“I have inherited several mid-century pieces from my grandparents and find inspiration in their clean lines and craftsmanship,” Jane says. “I love living among generations of my family’s things.”

The nightstands and blue metal dresser are inherited pieces that add texture and a touch of class to her bedroom. Jane is passionate about only filling her home with items that she loves and that make her happy. Each piece is chosen with care and never only because it was on sale. She has carefully mixed the fairly neutral palette of the bedroom with some modern shapes and accessories next to her inherited furniture pieces. The contrast creates visual interest. Jane admits she has a weakness for aqua, and the throw pillows on the bed add pops of aqua and other colors without being too matchy-matchy with the wallpaper. These pillows add just enough interesting hints of color to make the room look very cheerful and inviting.

The floral theme of the wallpaper is carried throughout the rest of the room as well. The tall potted plant next to the chest of drawers repeats the greenery pattern without overdoing it. It adds life and warmth to the room.

When decorating, Jane says, “Don’t forget a plant or two (or twelve) to complete the space!”

This room has a great contrast of masculine elements paired with feminine touches. The masculine metal end table contrasts nicely with the white fluffy pillow on the chair near it. And the modern shapes of the items on top of the chest of drawers and nightstands are a nice contrast with the colorful wall art hanging in the room.

What is so amazing about this space is how well the entire apartment vibes together. The living room decor compliments the bedroom’s decor without ever being boring. The blue tones we saw in the bedroom pop out in the entrance area rug and couch. The greenery theme shows up here too. There are small potted plants on the coffee table in the living room, a plant in the window, and a floral green pattern on the dog’s bed. The living room has the same delightful mix of contrasting elements that are found in the bedroom--plush pillows, stark whites, accessories in modern shapes, and simple mid-century furniture pieces.

Jane’s advice to homeowners who envy her effortless style is, “Buy things you love, not because they’re on sale or they fit your current residence. If you collect quality pieces that you love, you will end up spending less than constantly replacing trendy, cheap and/or convenient items.”

*You can view the full house tour here


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