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Can Hold Up To Humidity

Our wallpaper is designed to be durable and long-lasting. That’s why we have a peel and stick wallpaper that is going to last through those hour-long hot showers, you using your bathroom as a personal sauna during flu season and the whole family taking one shower after another one. It’s never going to make your wallpaper start to peel off the wall or bubble. Instead, thanks to the water-resistant material used, the water will sit on top of the wallpaper. However, you need to ensure that your bathroom is well ventilated.

Can Handle Your Kid’s Messes

The only place messier than the kitchen for children is the bathroom. When your little one washes their hands, they are bound to splash water and soap against the wall. Every parent has had to wipe toothpaste smears off the walls. Not to mention everything else that happens in the bathroom! That’s why our wallpaper is created to last through the messes, and come out on the other side looking amazing. 

When you see a mess on the wall, simply wipe your wallpaper with a damp rag. All you will need is warm water and soap. Not only are harsh chemicals not recommended by us but they are also not necessary. Because the material used is water-resistant, your wallpaper will not absorb whatever your children throw at it. 

Customize Your Wallpaper Panel Size

Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes. Some are larger than others, and some have angled walls. It makes it difficult to find the perfect size wallpaper. That is why we offer custom sizes. You can measure your wall and do the calculations yourself, or you can send us the measurements and we will do the calculations for you! With customized sizing options, you can trust that your wallpaper panels will be the perfect size for your bathroom!

Variety Of Designs To Choose From

Give your bathroom a pop of color with posies! Make it look both elegant and modern with a beautiful herringbone pattern. Our collection of bathroom removable wallpaper includes a wide variety of designs, including: 

  • Blue Watercolor Waves, which are perfect to compliment an ocean themed bathroom
  • Black And White Brushstroke wallpaper to create a modern appeal
  • Watercolor Leaves to transform your bathroom into a lush retreat
  • Pineapple wallpaper for a pop of fun
  • Lemon wallpaper to coordinate perfectly with the kitchen

Regardless of what look you are trying to achieve, we have a design to suit your needs. 

Bathroom Murals

Bathroom murals are the hottest thing in bathroom decor. Instead of peel and stick wallpaper, browse through our mural selection for a unique look that no one else will have! Our murals include a Serene Midnight mural, Botanical,  more so that you can transform your bathroom into your private escape. 

Transform Your Bathroom

One of the key benefits of using wallpaper instead of traditional monotone paint in a bathroom is the vast amount of options available. To paint a mural or elaborate pattern of leaves, it would be both time consuming and expensive. Instead, you can transform your bathroom into whatever you would like! Enjoy soaking in a bathtub in a luxurious retreat or take a tropical getaway after a long day at work. Your bathroom can easily become the vacation of your dreams.