Additional | laundry room wallpaper

Does Not Absorb Water

This is an important quality to have in laundry room wallpaper. The high humidity that dryers create often leads to the walls being slightly damp from the high levels of humidity in the room. If the walls absorbs this water, it can result in damage to the wallpaper or the panels peeling off the wall. Homeowners will find that they have to constantly replace their wallpaper. 

Because our wallpaper is non-absorbent, that will not be a concern. It will stay stuck in place despite how much laundry you do daily. The pattern on the wallpaper will not be damaged either. However, homeowners need to ensure that the laundry room is well ventilated.

Tear Resistant

Laundry rooms are full of shelves, people, laundry,  more. More than one laundry basket will inevitably scrape against the wallpaper as you attempt to maneuver around your laundry room. Thanks to us using tear-resistant paper to make our wallpaper panels, you don’t have to be careful to avoid rips. When your laundry basket slides against the wallpaper, it’s not going to tear like cheap wallpaper will. 

Easy To Maintain

A laundry room will attract dirt, fingerprints on the walls, and more. Our wallpaper is easy to clean so that you don’t have to spend hours making sure that your walls look like new though! Simply dip a washcloth in water, and wring it out so that it is barely damp. Then, wipe away dirt. For loose dirt, use a dry towel to clean wallpaper panels. Do not use chemicals when cleaning our removable wallpaper. 

Peel And Stick Wallpaper Lasts For Years

Peel and stick wallpaper is so durable that you will never have to worry about it peeling off or needing to be replaced. Instead, it will last for year after year. It will not chip or peel as paint does. It also will not slowly come off like traditional wallpaper that is held in place with glue does. You can trust that when you apply our wallpaper panels, they will stay in perfect place. 

Several Designs Available

A laundry room has no boundaries. It doesn’t have to be presentable like the living room and dining room do. It doesn’t have to coordinate with the rest of the house like the kitchen does, either. Instead, you can go with whatever wallpaper you like for your laundry room! Let out your goth side with our black and white skull wallpaper or stay traditional with a peaceful floral print. Other wonderful options available include: 

  • Scallop removable wallpaper
  • Monstera Leaves wallpaper
  • Bohemian wallpaper
  • Bold Tropical wallpaper
  • Modern Tropical wallpaper


Custom Options Available

We do offer custom-sized panels in addition to our standard sizes. You can measure your walls, use the calculations provided, and order the perfect sized panels.  If you like, we can do the calculations for you. Just measure your walls, and tell us the measurements. 

Customized designs are also available. Customers can select the color of the design on their wallpaper. For example, you can choose cyan herringbone instead of black and white. You can also choose the scale of the pattern. Go with large lemons or make the roses smaller on your new wallpaper to get the look you want.