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Accent Walls

Bold colors and brilliant patterns are ideal for accent walls. They create an instant conversation starter at parties. Accent walls are also known for drawing attention away from other flaws in the room, such as walls that need repairs. They can also be used to create the illusion of more space. 

Bold Colors Create More Space

Small houses and apartments can benefit from the illusion of more space. To do this, use a bold or dark-colored removable wallpaper on one wall in the living room. Our collection has several patterns that can achieve this effect, such as: 


  • Yellow Bohemian Roses Wallpaper
  • Bold Tropical Wallpaper
  • Black And White Skull Wallpaper
  • Dark Floral Wallpaper


Colorful Options Create Conversation Starters

When colorful options are used, it brings more energy into the room, instantly increasing conversation. The wallpaper itself can be a wonderful conversation starter. These beautiful wallpaper patterns have the perfect color combinations to create a unique look: 


  • Watercolor Botanical Wallpaper
  • Red Watercolor Poppy Wallpaper
  • Red Floral Wallpaper
  • Terrazzo Wallpaper


Black And White Patterns Create More Decorating Possibilities

Black and white patterns are a decorating trend that never goes out of style. This color combination creates a perfect contrast, which is just eye-catching enough to create an accent wall. It is also so versatile that it coordinates perfectly with any decorating scheme. Some of our more popular black and white wallpapers from the living room collection include: 


  • Black And White Herringbone
  • Monochrome Poppy Wallpaper
  • Black And White Floral Wallpaper
  • Black And White Roses


Wallpaper Is Great For The Entire Room

Many homeowners choose to use wallpaper instead of paint for the entire room. This comes with key benefits that many homeowners enjoy. First, it serves as a way to protect the wall. Stains and spills will be easily wiped off the wallpaper instead of being absorbed by the paint. This keeps the wall underneath looking brand new. 

Wallpaper for the living room can also be used to create a look or theme. Tropical leaves are ideal for a beach themed living room. Roses and other floral patterns can be used for an element of elegance and class. Other options, such as watercolor patterns, are the perfect option to add happiness to a room. Whatever look or style homeowners want to achieve, it can be done easily with wallpaper. 

Wallpapering a room instead of painting it is a cost-effective option. In the beginning, homeowners will pay more money for wallpaper than they will a gallon of paint, but this cost will balance out over time. After the room is wallpapered, it will not need to be re-decorated or touched up the same way that the paint will. It will also not need repairs like living room walls without wallpaper do. Instead, it will have a fresh look for years to come, something that cannot be said about painted walls.