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Environmentally Friendly Ink Used

Our wallpaper is carefully crafted to be as safe as possible for families. The environmentally friendly ink will not harm the planet or the new baby. It is also coated with a protective layer to guarantee that it never comes in contact with your little one, just in case. 

Installation Is A Breeze

Pregnant moms that are re-decorating want a beautiful nursery, but often don’t have the time and energy that painting or traditional wallpaper requires. Being pregnant is uncomfortable enough, but our peel and stick wallpaper guarantee that moms can easily have the nursery of their dreams. Simply peel off the backing, and then stick the wallpaper to the wall. There is no heavy lifting or strenuous physical activity required. 

Easy To Re-Decorate As Children Grow

As children grow older, their tastes change. This often requires re-decorating their room to accommodate that. Thankfully, our removable wallpaper comes off as easily as it goes on. When it’s time to re-decorate, simply peel the wallpaper off the wall. Then, stick new wallpaper panels to the wall to instantly create a new look that your growing little one will adore!

No Chemicals Or Tools Required

Decorating while pregnant, and re-decorating with a toddler can be hard enough. It can also be dangerous. Our high-quality wallpaper ensures that both you and your little one will be safe.

No chemicals are necessary for installation, removal, or cleaning. Unlike traditional wallpaper, there is no glue required. After installation, simply clean the wallpaper with warm water. Not only are chemicals dangerous, but they also are not necessary. We highly recommend not using chemicals to clean our wallpapers. 

Tools are not necessary for installation or removal. During the removal process, peel off one corner of the panel. Then, slowly peel it the rest of the way off the wall. Having sharp tools around can be hazardous for young children, so it’s best to stick with decorating ideas that are safer. 

High-Quality Wallpaper

You need a wallpaper for the nursery that will last through infanthood and the terrible two’s, and that’s what we have here at Wallflora. Our wallpaper is tear-resistant, so homeowners will never have to worry about children picking it off the walls in tiny pieces. It’s easy to clean for when toddlers are learning that they can’t draw on walls. It is not absorbent, making it perfect for all the spills that come along with learning to drink out of a cup. This wallpaper is the perfect solution for parents that need a re-decorating option for their child’s room.