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What are the wallpaper sizes?

WALLPAPER IS SOLD IN SINGLE SHEETS (not in 32ft/10m rolls)!

We offer following default sheet sizes:

SAMPLE: 8" wide by 10" high (20.4cm X 25.4cm)

20.7" wide by 48" high (52.5cm X 121cm)
20.7" wide by 96" high (52.5cm X 243cm)
20.7" wide by 108" high (52.5cm X 275cm)
20.7" wide by 120" high (52.5cm X 305cm) 

Can I request a custom size?

Wallpaper sheet can be printed shorter, taller or wider. Maximum width of a sheet that we can print is 31" (78.5cm) 

For custom sizes, please get in touch with us

What is the wallpaper material? 

- Matt, tear-resistant

- Self-adhesive, removable

- Eco-Friendly 

Wallflora self-adhesive wallpaper is a tear-resistant film for indoor applications. It has a matt finish which avoids reflections. The back has been applied with a adhesive and covered with a siliconized release liner paper. The adhesive is designed for removable mounting, i.e. the print can be removed without remnants from almost any substrate.

Opposite to self-adhesive films made of PVC, BJ4PBOSA100 is environmentally friendly when disposed of, as it does not emission hazardous hydrogen chloride or dioxin when incinerated.

Standard wallpaper is not waterproof, if you wish to order waterproof wallpaper get in touch with us

How to measure the space that I want to wallpaper?

When ordering your sheets of vinyl wallpaper:

- Measure the height and the width of the wall space

- Divide the total width by 20.7" (52.5cm) and get the number of the sheets you will need

- In the drop down menu see which of the default sizes work's best for the height of your wall. 

If you are not sure about the needed amount to order you can just send us the measurements and we will calculate the needed amount for you!

if you have any questions feel free to message us directly and we will gladly walk you through the ordering process.

Is the wallpaper suitable for bathroom?

We offer waterproof wallpaper which is suitable for bathroom and kitchen. Waterproof material resists water splashes and moist and it can be wiped off from time to time. If you would like to order the waterproof wallpaper, leave a note on the checkout or get in touch with us. 

When my order will be shipped?

All items in our shop are handmade, so it takes 5-7 business days for production after we have received order and payment.

How long does shipping take?

All order are shipped with FedEx expedited shipping which costs $12 and delivery takes 2-5 business days (depending on the destination). Order over $120 are shipped with Fedex free of charge.

Any helpful installation tips?

- Manufacturer recommend to do not paint the wall at least 2 weeks before application.

- For best results apply your peel & stick wallpaper to a clean, flat wall surface, preferably painted with an eggshell or satin finish.

- Before the wallpaper application wall needs to be cleaned off from dust. 

- Temperature in the room during the wallpaper application needs to be at least +20°C, the warmer the better, this helps to activate the adhesive as much as possible. 

- Please note, that the material is "peel and stick" and it can be applied and peeled multiple times, but if you apply it for the surface which is easily outgoing it can be peeled off with the sticker.