FAQ | bedroom wallpaper

Is Removable Wallpaper A Good Investment?

Yes, it is! Peel and stick wallpaper will provide you with a look you love that will last for years, or until you’re ready to re-decorate. It will not chip, peel, or absorb water. Wallpaper can also be removed and re-stuck to guarantee that the pattern looks flawless.

Can Removable Wallpaper Be Used In Bathrooms?

Yes! Our peel and stick wallpaper are water-resistant, which makes it ideal for bathrooms. It can be placed in any room of the house with a high level of humidity. Homeowners do not have to worry about the steam or moisture benign absorbed by the wallpaper and ruining it.

      Can I Use The Wallpaper Again After Removing It?

      Although it is possible, it would be extremely difficult and we do not recommend it. To do this, you would have to peel off the wallpaper panels. Then, you would need to apply the wallpaper to a backing, all while making sure that it does not stick to itself or other things. We offer affordable wallpaper and customizable size options if you need more peel and stick wallpaper.

      Is Removable Wallpaper Easy To Remove?

      It is very easy to remove. Simply peel up one corner of the panel, and then continue peeling off the paper. It will not rip during the removal process. This makes it even easier to fix it if you accidentally get the pattern wrong the first time!

      How Soon Will I Get My Order?

      You will receive your order in 5-9 business days. After placing your order, it will be ready to ship in 3-5 business days. Then, FedEx will deliver it in 2-5 business days. We ship orders via FedEx and offer FREE shipping to customers that place an order over $100.

      What Is Your Policy Regarding Refunds And Exchanges?

      Customers that cancel their order in the first 24 hours will receive a full refund. After the 24 hour period, we do not offer refunds, either full or partial. We also do not allow exchanges. However, we do encourage consistent communication to guarantee that your order is exactly what you would like so that you do not want to exchange it. 

        What Can I Customize On My Wallpaper?

        You can customize your removable wallpaper as much, or as little, as you would like! Customize the scale of the pattern, the wallpaper color, and the size of your panels. Or, you can pick a pre-designed pattern and simply customize the size of the wallpaper panels. Regardless of what you need, there’s an option for you!

        How Do I Clean Removable Wallpaper?

        With warm water. There is no need to use chemicals or cleaners on removable wallpaper, which includes mild cleaners. We do not recommend the use of anything except for water. Our products are water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry that they will be damaged by cleaning!