Additional | Peel And Stick Removable Wallpapers

Benefits Of Removable Wallpaper

Removable wallpaper is more than just another wall covering. It provides a plethora of key benefits that you simply will not get when purchasing other products. It is affordable, mess-free, customizable, and homeowners can complete this DIY project in as little as a day. 


This type of wallpaper is one of the most affordable walls covering options. Because it comes ready for application, home and business owners will not need to spend additional money on materials, like glue or a brush. They will also save money on wall decor. There is no need to purchase additional paintings for the waiting room when you have a gorgeous peel and stick wallpaper mural. 

Easy Application Process

Removable wallpapers provide an easy DIY project that inexperienced individuals can complete in less than one day. To apply this wallpaper, simply peel off the back and stick it in place. It is mess-free, unlike traditional methods of wallpaper application. There is no glue or sliding in place required. 

Maintenance Is Simple

Not only are these wallpapers easy to apply, but they are also equally easy to maintain. If the wall covering appears dirty, simply wipe it with a washcloth and lukewarm water. This should be enough to remove everyday dirt from touching the walls. If stains are present, use a mild, non-toxic cleaner or mild laundry soap. Harsh chemicals should never be used on these wall coverings. 

Customized Peel And Stick Removable Wallpaper

All of our wallpaper for walls can easily be customized. Select the floral pattern of your dreams, and then customize the scale. Colors are also customizable! Sizes can be made to order as well. Simply measure your wall, and contact us to let us know what size you will need. With customized wallpaper patterns, you can guarantee that your home or business is truly one of a kind. 


These wall coverings will last as long as you need them to. If you want something that can last on the wall for years, this is an exceptional option. Once they are stuck in place, they do not wrinkle or peel away from the wall. Instead, you can remove them when you want to, not because you have to. 

Can Be Used In A Bathroom

There will always be people that claim wallpaper has no place in a bathroom, but it is possible to make it work. There is nothing that says relaxing like a customized wallpaper mural. To make it work in a bathroom, try to avoid excessive humidity and moisture from being close to the wall with the panels on it. Simply utilize an exhaust fan to remove steam from the room, or use panels on an accent wall away from the bathtub to protect them. 

Removal Process

Unlike traditional methods, this type of wall covering provides a simple solution to those that are seeking to remodel. They can be removed as easily as they are applied. Homeowners and business owners do not need to purchase additional tools for removal. They also do not need to concern themselves with the wall underneath the wall covering. 

Keeps Walls Damage Free

First, this wall covering protects the walls while it is in place. The walls will not be as likely to have dents or dings thanks to the wall covering. Then, when home and business owners need to remove the panels, they can simply pull them off. This further prevents damage to the walls as no scraping is required. Instead, the end result is a smooth, beautiful wall.